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1. Is it possible to communicate with you electronically?

It is in the patient’s best interest for the first consultation to take place in person. If you are busy it is possible to arrange for a follow-up to take place on phone or WhatsApp or Messenger.

2. What problems do people most often come to you with?

Depression, post-Covid syndrome, partner counselling, anxiety, sleep problems.

3. What diseases do you treat?

We treat these diseases.

4. I had to take medications in the past that did not do me any good. I would like to avoid similar problems.

The choice of the most suitable medicine depends on the individual needs of the patient, including the state of health, and it is this medicine that will be recommended to you.

5. What happens when I see a psychiatrist?

You will receive an outpatient treatment. You will be scheduled for an appointment of your choice. When you arrive for your appointment you will be assessed by the Psychiatrist, this is done by talking together a lot. Together with your Psychiatrist you will consider your current situation and make an individual treatment plan – medication and possibly also a talking therapy.

6. What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

A Psychiatrist is a medical school graduate, he is a specialist doctor who, after 5 years of practice (in England after 8 years of practice) had passed the Specialty Exam in Psychiatry. He deals with mental health disorders, is an expert on the human brain and the biochemical processes taking place in it. He prescribes medication that is based on scientific knowledge that can help with the symptoms of the mental health disorder.

A Psychologist is a Philosophy university graduate who can further specialize in clinical, occupational, school, corporate or counseling psychology. The Psychologist cannot prescribe medication, he also uses questionnaires in his work.

7. Do you have a contract with a health insurance company?

We do not have contracts with any health insurance company so that we do not have to rush the time spent with the patient.

8. Do you see patients with a medical insurance?

Yes, appointments are charged according to the Price List.

9. Can you prescribe medication?

Yes, of course, you will receive the Prescription directly at the appointment. We could also post the Prescription to the address of your choice. In the pharmacy, you need to pay the full amount for the medicine. However, even the full price is relatively low (EUR 5-8 per month). The advantage is that in the Prescription issued by a private psychiatrist there is no limit to the amount of prescribed medicine. We do not use electronic prescription of drugs in order to increase discretion.

10. Do I need a referral letter from my general practitioner?

No, you don’t.

11. I have an acute problem, do you give priority appointments?

Yes, in the case of acute conditions, we will naturally find a priority date for your appointment.